Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two new restaurants in town

Well at least Doña Agueda is new to me. Can't remember if they enlarged it or if used to be something else. At least new paint and patio in front. I guess the only reason I mention it is I think they make a good pizza. Good pizza will not be agreed upon between the local grumpy gringos ... but I definitely put this up with the best in town. Just ask for thin crust and NO hotdog (salchicha)

Fuku is a new Chinese and Japanese restaurant a block off the plaza on the next street toward the highway from Taco Row. I've only had their Teriyaki but I heard the Tempura is good. The hours are 11-7pm which is two hours longer than the Japanese place on the highway which closes at 5pm (no time for dinner). Fuku also does home delivery.

Fuku - Comida China y Japonesa

Doña Agueda - a couple of doors up from the old Bigotes

Melaque restaurants


Steve Cotton said...

I tried Fuku earlier in the week. LIked it a lot.

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