Monday, February 23, 2015

Palapa on a rock

Hopefully the new roof is just to improve that train-wreck of an idea

West Melaque eye sore for years

This very lame idea for a bar/restaurant died years ago and has been a blight to the natural environment since it closed and began falling apart. An extremely dangerous set of stairs and something alcohol lubricated people should not attempt. Even over weight out of shape gringos should stay away. No running water and certainly no bathrooms. Was a rumor a drunk fell off but who knows. Think the place only lasted part of a year.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Carnitas El Sorry

What's in a name

Carnitas El Sorry

Good carnitas but you'll be sorry if you don't get there early. Usually all gone by 1pm or sooner. I used to buy there for lunches when building the house. Across the highway from the old Melaque Secondary school and a block toward Jaluco

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dead planta de aguas negras

Well it used to work and the guys that ran it were real proud of it. I went out there in 2007 and they gave me a tour. I hear it only operated for 3 years and I can only assume the Cihuatlan administration changed and decided to not fund the upkeep. Could have been a few of the machines broke and expensive to fix but the pump that pumps black water out there is still working full time. Problem is you combine that mess with the high water table issue and you have some real health concerns for anyone living in the area. This water mixed with an abundance of surface ground water mostly heads for Laguna de Tules but it's probably in well water and it crosses the main road into Pinal Villa in 3 places.

2007 waste treatment plant

2015 waste treatment plant
It smells really bad

The State requires any town over 2500 pop to treat waste water but the date to comply was in 2010 and they want a plant like that in the fotos but it's expensive to build and maintain. El Grullo decided to go with an artificial lagoon which is much cheaper and very little upkeep. Some group here is trying to get a tour and technical explanation of how it works in El Grullo. Something has to be done

Friday, February 20, 2015

Melaque Sports Complex

Every time I've checked this place out there is nobody there so I assumed it's used very little. This day I was waiting for my car to be fixed at Poncho's next door and surprised to see all this activity. Probably because it was 6:30 and cooling off and people getting off work. Years ago I brought down a bunch of basketball nets, kept them in my car and would hand them out in various pueblos when I ran into guys playing. Hard to find a basketball hoop in Mexico with a net in it.

May be the soccer league my neighbor plays in 

An audience

Basketball without a net

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A new Comex location

There seems to be a real lack of common sense when it comes to opening restaurants in this area .... or maybe all of Mexico? Or maybe it's money to burn? The Chinese place on that corner must have set a record for the shortest lived restaurant in Melaque. I doubt it lasted 5 months. Roasted chicken places open and close in less than a year. Many restaurants last awhile but are constantly playing musical chairs with locations. Part of it is situating themselves better and part is the landlord jacks the rent if he sees them making money. Pretty sad actually and I've seen some of my favorites come and go.

So Comex took advantage of the open space and moved from their hole in the wall store a few blocks toward the beach to this very visible and open store. Good move Comex, we won't have to wonder if you are there 6 months from now.
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