Friday, December 29, 2006

Fishing out of Melaque

Fishing from a 14' Zodiac
A guy from the west end trailer park asked Ron and I to go out fishing in his Zodiac the other morning. We only got one strike but a smaller Zodiac came back with a 24lb Dorado. We motored up just past Tamarindo and around the small islands there. Beautiful scenery and weather for an over all great time. We saw 2 whales in Tamarindo Bay but they were too far away for fotos in a bouncing boat.
If you are a fisher person or not - I suggesting at least taking a boat ride along the coast. It's beautiful.

Leaving port early

Rocks offshore from Tamarindo

Another fisherman

Out the back of our boat

Rock and boat off Tamarindo

Rocks at west end of Bahia de Navidad

24lb Dorado (Mahi-mahi) caught from a 10' Zodiac

Monday, December 11, 2006

Virgin of Guadalupe Parade Melaque, Mexico

Virgin of Guadalupe Parade is Mexico’s most colorful nationwide annual festival, the celebration of the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe, begins on December 1 and this year promises to be particularly significant as the four hundred and seventy fifth anniversary of the event. The final event is on the 12th

They've had day time parades every day and last night they sang in the dark somewhat like Christmas caroling

The Virgin of Guadalupe is Mexico's patron saint. Each year in this town, as in the rest of Mexico, major celebrations and peregrinaciones (pilgrimages) begin on December 1st to culminate with the most spectacular fireworks display on the 12th, the Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The traditions surrounding the Virgin of Guadalupe began in the year 1531, on a Saturday before dawn, when a 57-year old Aztec Indian who had recently converted to Christianity and been baptized Juan Diego, was getting ready to go to church and do some errands. Juan came to a hill called Tepeyac, near what would become the heart of Mexico City. He heard beautiful birds singing. Next, he heard a voice from the mount calling his name. He saw a beautiful brown-skinned lady in an aura of blazing light, and she revealed to him that she was Holy Mary, the told him that She wanted him to tell the Bishop to erect a shrine in her name in the specific spot where She stood.

Possibly the Virgin

The costumes are of the Indios of original era

Another group

A young one

The main group

There they go

While the devil circles working his magic

Friday, December 01, 2006

Mexican Revolution Parade

Kindergarden kids in Melaque, Mexico
Marcos is 5 and goes to the kindergarden (Jardin de Niños) a block away. They had their parade the day before (November 19th) in our neighborhood rather than go into town and compete with the older kids. Mari helped dish out the Pozole and I took the camera. They marched around a 6 block area and even picked up a police escort on the way back.

Marcos in the red and white with friends

Trying to get some of them ready

Marcos leading the parade

Police escort on the way back

Kinder kids in the 2002 parade in el centro
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