Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hemorrhagic Fever

There is at least one case of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in our neighborhood and that's all it takes to get Centro de Salud out knocking on doors.   Yesterday a woman came around looking for standing water.  It surprised me because another person had been here less than a month ago.  Sometimes it's 4-5 months between visits.   

Today I had a guy ask if I wanted my yard sprayed.   Since I had not heard of the Dengue case, he had no uniform, he didn't say it was free and he didn't try to identity himself ... I said no thanks.   My neighbor just came around with the real story.   Don't get many people here coming to your gate trying to sell you something but in Jocotepec you did and I got used to saying no.   Usually the spraying is done from the street from a passing vehicle so coming on your property was a first.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If it's not cooked with ....

If it's not cooked with .... passion and desire, well we won't serve it. What we serve to our customers is the same food we eat. Not just something we know will sell. I've been eating my cooking all these years and have you noticed how I look? Oh what have I said!?!

The Smoked SPAM Salesman

I really have my stomach full of gringos that need to advertise their business 3+ times a week on TomZap if they are legal or not.    This is the second year of SPAM for Jimmy's Ribs.

This is the third SPAM year for La Oficina  that moved from Barra to Villa Obegoan..  

You all may think this is good tourist information .... but I consider it in the same class as Time-Share sales

Please tell me one other Mexico message board out of many -- where business owners post 3-5 times a week about their product or establishment.   There are no others because they would be thrown out on their asses as they should be.   Not only the Spammers have no respect for others but the TomZap moderators have allowed this to continue.  Sad to waste a resource on a few greedy people

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Babalu Cafe and Books

We had just stopped 2 doors down at the red house in the bottom foto to see the guy that carves Cuastecomate fruit artesania.  He was there and we bought 2 pieces but waited for him to add a base to each piece.  Address is 31 Gordiano Guzman - same street as Dentist Woo and Centrol de Salud.    While waiting I went next door.

I've driven past Babalu Cafe and Books but never noticed the backroom full of books.   He will trade books 2 for 1 or 5 pesos each.  He uses and sells the coffee from La Manzanilla.   Espresso machine, one type of pastry and a fruit bowl for breakfasts. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Marisco El Pango

We took a drive up the Marabasco beyond Cihuatlan last weekend to checkout the river, the diversion dam and the large El Naranjo II dam at the head of the valley. Lots of people at the 'ol swimming hole - diversion dam, beautiful valley beyond, still quite a bit of water in the river and El Naranjo is disappointing. I mean the work they have done is huge but it looks like there is still 80 to 90% left to go. More on that later or on my main Blog.

I'd heard that the Botanero El Pango is a fun place to end the day with some beers and free food. I have to say it's in a great location, enough breeze to be comfortable, the wait staff only moderately welcoming and the food way down the chart of acceptable. The ceviche was pretty good but the tacos dorados were deep fried tortillas with nothing inside. I saw sopitos coming on another table but not worth waiting for. I got the impression this is a place that gets "very drunk out" after dark and a decent menu was the last thing on their minds. Sorry to those who gave it a thumbs up .... but I can't.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Obvious tourist

Obvious tourist that doesn't realize they are parked in the wrong direction on a one way street. Looks to be 1949-1952 Chevy or GMC pickup just like mine back in the hippy days of Eugene Oregon. Don't think a long trek in that old thing would be either comfortable or wise .... but I'm not them.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

La Manzanilla Rodeo and Gringo Day

I haven't been to the Rodeo since 2006 but despite my neglect it was still one of the most interesting and fun events I've attended in the area.   Gringo Day and the Rodeo are Friday but here is a 3 day rundown from the La Manzanilla message board.  Most of the activity is over early enough to drive back to Melaque before dark.

Festivities will begin the evening of February 5th. Everyone will gather on the main streets & the around the jardin at approx. 8:00 pm. A large lantern on a pole called a Farola will be paraded up & down the streets, followed by a Banda. People will begin following the Farola, moving to the beat of the music, dancing up one street, down another. Free punch (ponche) will be handed out. The street dancing goes on until 9:00/10:00. This evening announces that The Ejido will be hosting a luncheon the next day at the Casino at 2:00 pm. 

On the evening of February 6th, the same happens in the evening, this time announcing the luncheon next day at the Casino will be hosted by The Gringos (Expats, Extranjeros, etc.). 

February 7th, Gringo Day at the Casino 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Gringo volunteers will serve our home-made Birria to our Mexican friends & neighbors & guests. During the luncheon there will be dancing & a presentation or 2. After the luncheon everyone follows the Banda up to the Rodeo grounds (either by foot or by car), about 7 - 9 blocks away. Your contribution/ticket into the Casino also admits you into the Rodeo grounds (Feb 7th only). Where you will watch bull riding, dancing horses, lassoing, topped off with dancing to the Banda until sunset. The Rodeo grounds people will have refreshments & snacks for sale. 

It is a fun filled day .... come join the fun!! 

Only bull riding

The riders

Afternoon dance
La Manzanilla Rodeo 2006

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