Monday, February 18, 2013

Churros on the Plaza

The family that makes these is on the corner of the Melaque Plaza every night next to the Herradura grocery. We usually stop once a week around 7:30 after picking up Euriel at school. Try to get them right out of the fryer so they are hot. If they sit long they start to get tough and chewy. Neighbors won't keep them for breakfast but they would probably be good dipped in coffee.

Just about like donuts with a mixture of flour, water and salt. They are squeezed from a "churrera" into hot vegetable oil for about 4-5 minutes. Removed, cut up and rolled in sugar and cinnamon (canela). Make a great evening snack but I usually only have one

Extruded from the churrera

Removed from the oil

Cut and rolled in sugar and cinnamon

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Peace in the Valley

At least for now. The police hauled away a "cel" from the group Caballeros Templarios or Knights Templar who are mainly centered in Michoacan.   The week long rampage was enough to close the local schools for two days and keep many people off the streets in the evening.   Not pleasant to see people worried about their kids and themselves.   The latest is that they will setup a reten or road-block (check point) on the Colima side of the bridge in Cihuatlan with coordination of both Jalisco and Colima states.   Let's just hope these people found it difficult enough here that they won't be back.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Not a another Narco Blog

This is not a another Narco Blog but there is definitely something going on in the Municipio of Cihuatlan.   A week ago an ex-Cihuatlan Police was shot and killed, 4-5 days ago a taxi driver was wounded, a Manzanillo paper reports mid-day shoot out between gangs last Saturday .... and last night 2 Cihuatlan motorcycle Police were shot, one died and the other is in hospital.

What brought this closer to home for me was one of my neighbors was found dead in Aguacate along with his girl friend.   His death had all the marking of the lessons Narcos give to people who encroach on their territory.   He had no regular means of support and about a month ago he came home with a $5000 pickup truck.   Everybody wondered but that was his business ... and the business that ended his life.

These things come and go.  The Cihuatlan government is calling for Federal help and spending money on more vehicles and weapons.   In the mean time it a very sad thing to watch.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Accident highway 80

This when we were coming back from Cuzalapa yesterday about 10 kilometers uphill from Lazaro Cardenas.   The guys with me thought this was a single car accident with the large rock you see by the car.   I thought maybe two because there were a lot of people back by the guy with a red shirt looking over the edge.   Maybe someone avoiding the rock met oncoming traffic?   People drive so fast in general but especially that highway.  Please be careful and slow down.

Friday, February 08, 2013

I was scammed at the bank

Posted by Paul on February 8, 2013, 10:05 am (La Manzanilla board)

Just for your information, be careful on who is around you when you go to the bank. I was yesterday outside Melaque Banamex, my checkbook wallet was at the backseat of the jeep, doors closed but unlocked, I was at the drivers side and a good looking woman around her 40's dropped some coins by my side, I helped her to get them, she also did 't, making conversation and distracting me while other person was opening the doors and getting my money. They took 20,000 pesos I withdrew to pay workers and materials. They took it all.

Be careful.

White skinned woman, big boobs , black long hair, maybe size 9, she had a "pocha" accent, so she might speak good english.

"Pocho" is how we call mexicans who were born or have been living for many years in the US.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Notario suggests "federal forces" to Cihuatlán

Thursday, February 7th of Public 2013

Notario suggests "federal forces" to Cihuatlán

The Notary Public Narciso P. Enriquez Lomeli has recognized the municipal authorities are overwhelmed by crime, and should request the "federal forces" to ensure security and social peace in the town of Cihuatlán.

He said that authorities of Cihuatlán should recognize that crime has increased, and take the experience of other cities and areas of the country to bring the action of "federal forces" as the Army, the Navy or the Federal Police where the criminal acts have significantly decreased and public spaces have been recovered.

The past president Jesús Huerta Aguilar and some councilors gathered at a meeting May 5th, the Notary Public then reflected: "What do we hope to reach? The problem of insecurity in Cihuatlán is serious ... we need a short term solution. "

Enriquez Lomeli offered free support to form a civil partnership engaged support with donations and other actions to improve public safety.

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