Monday, June 17, 2013

Highway 80 to become 4 lanes?

South Coast  Mayors and the Tourist Associations Call for 4-Lane Road To Costalegre

They believe that if Highway 80 were 4 lanes to Costalegre it would be a huge help to the tourist market.

The real trigger for tourist life would Costalegre termination of federal highway 80, in the stretch to the Costalegre, to four lanes, and that is why the mayors of the south coast region, and the association of hotels, motels and Costalegre developers are requesting the work.

"We are asking the Governor to get back to the continuation of Highway 80, so people can come to us from Guadalajara to the Costalegre, on a road with less risk and more quickly, 80 percent of our tourism we have in the Costalegre, comes from Guadalajara ".

Piden Carretera De 4 Carriles Para Costalegre

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Alternative to pay your bills

Looking for a bill paying alternative at times? Banamex full of people and Telegrafo on the plaza has a line around the corner. Don't want to pay 7 pesos at OXXO and they are busy at times also.

A new option for me is Banco Azteca or Elektra on the corner of Ramon Corona and Gordiano Guzman. That is a half block from Centro de Salud and Dentista Woo. They do get a lineup in the early evening (6-8) but I've never seen one during the day. There is no charge and the only drawback is I can't pay Telcel

Melaque Banco Azteca

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