Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Melaque Cave

If anyone has wanted to check out the cave - now is the time to do it. They have the whole area in front cleared. Not sure if this is a once a year thing to keep the brush down or if something is planned.

Oddly enough I noticed a small sign on the lateral street saying Rapel and an arrow pointing in that direction. The cliff is pretty shear so it might be the next Melaque attaction.

The Cave entrance just off the highway

The rock face they'll use to rapel

"Some fellows, I think from Guadalajara, came by our store over Semana Santa and asked if they could put up a poster about Rapeling in Melaque, they also had a poster up at Christmas. Don't know much about it apart from that but the poster is still up in the office with a contact number from the 333 exchange if anyone feels like jumping off a cliff."

Besides clearing the land they won't have to do much except maybe build a palapa to work out of.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

And then comes Semana Santa

... and this was only last Thursday. This weekend we are staying away from the beach because there's not even a place to sit, let alone walk. Bus after bus load of people has been rolling in for the last week. There are 10+ police directing traffic, streets are closed at night downtown, extra police and ambulances from around the state are here, Mariachi and highschool bands walk the beach and town. Bring your stove, a tank of gas, a few plastic chairs and set up a restaurant in the median. Everyone that lives in Melaque is selling something.

Our end of town is less crowded because the ocean is less friendly here with large waves. Red flags line the beach but people are still entering the water. So far one drowning and a broken arm - both in the center of town. Hopefully no more problems as the crowds will start to thin out this week.

West end beach

West end beach

Sunday, April 01, 2007

After all the Gringos go home

By April 1st just about all the Gringos have returned north again for the end of yet another Winter season. With just a week or 2 of relative peace and quiet - suddenly comes Semana Santa and with it the hords of Mexicans that will fill our area for almost 2 weeks. The buses are starting to arrive, we did our last minute shopping and the Mariachi bands are already walking the beaches. I took this foto of the 'West End Trailer Park' a few days ago with not a Gringo Mobile in sight. The place will soon be full of Mexican car campers.

The surf is unusually large and I hope not too many unfamiliar with the ocean get in trouble. Lifeguards are walking the beach. I'll have more fotos as the town fills up to record my first Semana Santa on the beach in Mexico.

West End Trailer Park after all the Gringos have returned north
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