Sunday, April 01, 2007

After all the Gringos go home

By April 1st just about all the Gringos have returned north again for the end of yet another Winter season. With just a week or 2 of relative peace and quiet - suddenly comes Semana Santa and with it the hords of Mexicans that will fill our area for almost 2 weeks. The buses are starting to arrive, we did our last minute shopping and the Mariachi bands are already walking the beaches. I took this foto of the 'West End Trailer Park' a few days ago with not a Gringo Mobile in sight. The place will soon be full of Mexican car campers.

The surf is unusually large and I hope not too many unfamiliar with the ocean get in trouble. Lifeguards are walking the beach. I'll have more fotos as the town fills up to record my first Semana Santa on the beach in Mexico.

West End Trailer Park after all the Gringos have returned north


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