Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ejido land regularized in Jaluco

The directive Ejido El Jaluco invites owners of lots located in this community to apply for regularization, in order to ensure security of land tenure. 

Julian Lopez Jimenez ejido president explained that he is working on integrating a batch regularization package in order to obtain land titles. 

Applicants must have property (ies) in the ejido community and submitted to the offices with the award documents, voter registration card, birth certificate and receipt the last payment of the property. 

For more information contact the offices of the ejido, the phone number (315) 35 56050.

Regularizan predios en Ejido El Jaluco

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Melaque Secondaria progress

Wow .... they have gone from starting the foundation to a poured 2nd floor roof on the largest building in just a month. This is well funded professional construction. Ready by next school year not likely but certainly impressive. Four buildings started total; 2 large and 2 smaller. I hear when ready the old school will be torn down for a play/soccer field.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Vivero Arcoiris

Vivero Arcoiris is just towards Barra from the Jaluco junction and is probably the least expensive and has the best selection around. Also small bags of minerals for fruit or flowers for 10 pesos. Have a nice selection of fern and shade plants but my Iphone didn't like the shade that day. Nice family. Arcoiris means rainbow if you didn't know and can see on their sign.

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