Thursday, October 06, 2011

Two tropical storms headed our way

Two tropical storms that were well out to sea are being forced to turn NE towards the coast of Mexico due to weather currents along the US border. A very unusual situation over my last 6 years here. Jova is closer but Irwin is a little bigger. Reports say if they don't take strength from each other we may have a level 2 hurricane landfall by early next week

Monday, October 03, 2011

Hotel Melaque in 1970

Not the most definitive pictures of the old hotel but there are so few. These were taken by Bill Bartlett in 1970 when it was fairly new (when was it built?). I've seen in the past fotos of the hotel in various beach bars but the pictures were brown and weather worn.

A number of years ago a woman offered me fotos of the interior ... the lobby, 'grand staircase' and the restaurant. She only had the physical paper fotos and was going to send them to me to scan ... but she never sent them.

If you didn't know this hotel was destroyed in the 1995 quake due to two large water tanks above the third floor not being supported properly

Hotel and Melaque from what is now the Malecon

From the beach in front of Hotel Melaque
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