Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bistro Escondido

I've long been interested in this place, their menus and their subdued advertising style.   Ultimately the food will be the final word but what get's you in the door is important.   Until I finally saw a map I could not find this place.   Let me tell you it is nothing special to see at 1 in the afternoon.  Nice enough house/building but with almost no garden and a big dirt parking lot in front.    It comes alive in the evening with the lights on.  

Four friends were here this last week and Thursday they couldn't find it so we went elsewhere.    This is an odd location so grab the map.   I haven't yet made it but am dying to try the tempura mushrooms with blue cheese dip.  Some day !!

Restaurant above

Bistro Escondido - Map

aperitivos | starters 
bruschetta con pesto y queso de cabra | pesto bruschetta with goats cheese$30
champiñones tempura con aderezo de queso azul $40
tempura mushrooms with blue cheese dip
aros de cebolla y calabazas empanizados | onion rings and zucchini sticks $45
azteca soup$50
entradas | entrees
pescado empanizado, papas fritas, ensalada y aderezo tartar $90
fish & chips with mixed green salad and tartar sauce$90
chuletas de cerdo en una crema de champiñones con manzana, ensalada y puré de papa $90
pork chops with a mushroom, apple gravy, salad and mashed potatoes
pollo en salsa de cilantro y limón con pure de papa y ensalada $90
cilantro lime chicken with mash potatoes and salad
hamburgesa de quezo azul - cebolla y champiñones fritos con lechuga y jitomate $60
blue burger : blue cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms with lettuce and tomato
Bistro Escondido
#2 Las Palmitas, Melaque West
315 107-6392 o (315) 35-5-6579
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gran Bazar - Garage Sale

Our annual yard sale (I think this is our 15th season!) will be this Saturday the 29th from 8:30-11:00 AM, in Villa Obregón on Calle Abel Salgado #234, near the corner of Calle Alejandrina. As usual, we have lots of great items this year. All proceeds are split between the Asilo de Ancianos in Cihuatlán and Pro Animal Melaque. We hope you can stop by. Most everything sells in the first hour, so come early!

Garage Sale - Villa Obregon

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Electrica Costalegre

Another Gringo business other than the seasonal restaurant or bar. A Canadian couple and the mother of one of them started the electric parts store about 6 months ago. They seem very well stocked, knowledgeable and ready to order what you need.   Nice folks as well.

Note from them on the local message board
We have just opened the orange electrical store in Villa Obregon, just a tope or two west of the Pemex .... or across the highway from Alvaro Obregón.
We are here to serve the community, to bring in the goods that you had to drive to Manzanillo for (like Pool timers), to supply some NICE decorator lighting, LED lighting, designer switch plates.
Yes we have nuts and bolts things like wire, extension cords, breakers and fuses if you have a new build or renovation.
The thrust of this post is to hear from YOU
Tell us what you need, what you want, what would be nice to have or smart to have. We'll be going on a couple buying trips in the next month to meet suppliers of unique hard to find inventory.
We'll have interesting items arriving in January, internet 'No break', some more security camera systems to offer alongside our current top of the line BTicino unit, wireless boosters and with your input, the things that you want, the things you can't find, and even if we don't stock it, we can at least source suppliers for the product and special order when the need arises.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gringo Trolls and stalkers

So many unhappy Gringos in Mexico and I think an abnormal amount on the Costalegre. Where you find this out is on the local message boards. Especially TomZap but occasionally on the La Manzanilla board. I like to disagree with people when their info is faulty and I like to complain about the ridiculous amount of advertising that goes on on TomZap. Personal attacks I don't like but way too many people seem to feel better when they can put someone else down.   I blame most of the problem on terrible moderation on TomZap. No limits on advertising and almost no limits on personal attacks.

So this time around I was asking if there was any new information on the La Huerta police that were being investigated for the killing of 3 of my neighbors.  I guess this is serious and real because the Mayor of La Manzanilla quit and left town. The three were stopped by the police leaving town after the Rodeo in February.    Their bodies were found a few days later outside Manzanillo.

So along comes the stalker, troll, trouble maker telling me to stop asking questions about this very serious situation.  I tell him to mind his own business if he has nothing to add.   That's all it took for him to begin his  loco rant.  It turns out it's a guy using a woman's name and fake email address so he can't be contacted. Wha'cha gonna do.

Oh Oh come on over here and we can have a coffee, of course, you will buy. And by the way I am far more concerned than you are. Why don't we meet tomorrow at, 9a.m.. at Hectors, I will be waiting for you. And by the way I know what you look like. Maybe you are too coda..too cheap to buy me a coffee, but I would love to talk to you. 
You can email mail me with that little white envelope by my name. I truly would love to meet you in person, even though I know you are a cranky pants.. BUT please I will be at Hectors at 9a.m. waiting.. So enough of wasting other peoples me.. See you tomorrow. and. bring the kids and wife!!!

The moderator locked that thread which was definitely the best idea.   All I am left with is a where in the hell do these people come from ..... and we have Red Tide.   Further Internet searching has no new info since mid February. What a long strange trip it's been.

Red Tide in La Manzanilla

La Manzanilla Message Board
TomZap Message Board  -- Need to be logged in to read some areas

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Paving Reforma

Foto from

50 years over due says the article on Canal235 but it's agreed a better entrance to "Playa del Sol" and Villa Obregon is needed. Looks like that pile of dirt mean the street is closed for the work  I'll check it out later today.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Melaque INM Inauguration tomorrow

At least so says Adrian Herrera Alvarez (Melaque Delegado) in his public invitation.  I hope they haven't forgotten tomorrow is a National Holiday but maybe that is the idea.  The Facebook page also says the services of INM will be available Monday thru Friday from 9am to 1pm which is way more than I imagined for our little corner of Mexico.   With most long time residents going Permanente soon if they haven't already, I don't envisage the immigrant population increasing much in this area.  Back in the old FM3 days with a booklet you had to renew your visa every year forever.  Now it's almost never more.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Melaque Skim 2014

I was asleep on this one but they have just finished up the second day of the 2014 competition.   Tomorrow, Sunday  - the finals.   Somewhere on the beach in Villa Obregon but probably toward Laguna del Tules.   Not much talk on the message boards but then gringos around here don't get excited about much except business promotion. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gringo Farmer

I guess this guy has been doing this for a few years now but my neighbors just told me that a gringo is the farmer in charge of this sizable section of land, Looking at it on Google earth, beside Pinal Villa, it's L shaped and considerably larger than the foto. The subject came up because the watermelon planted came up so fast as we pass by every day. We assume this guy used to farm watermelon in the southern US and decided to do it here. Most likely the land is leased. A pretty good sized crew of migrant workers are out there every day. Just shows that you don't have to open a seasonal restaurant here if working in Mexico is what you want to do. This mystery gringo lives in Melaque so we may meet up some day for more of the story.

Watermelon "patch" in Pinal Villa

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