Thursday, October 12, 2006

Melaque lending library and book exchange

Cuba Libro
Thanks to Leone who donated a room in her home for this. Barbara was helping 2 days a week before she left for up north. Now Leone is doing by herself until there are a few more volunteers. Summer hours are 4-6 weekdays. I'm unsure what the winter hours will be but will depend on help.
You will find this at the east end of Villa Obregon, a long 4 blocks from the beach, on the corner of Primaveras and Miguel Hidalgo. That is on the edge of the lagoon. You can't miss it if you find the fountain. Another way to give directions is to follow the Tianguis street to the lagoon.
Bring books to leave, exchange and/or offer your help

Looking across the fountain at the little store on the corner

The books - it's small but the best in the area for English books

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