Thursday, January 27, 2011

Melaque Bypass

I went to Cihuatlan today to get a few things not available in Melaque ... or at least not usually available. Also with a stop along the highway to checkout a brick and tecata tile store. Tiles are for the upcoming roof work on my house and everything there is from Guadalajara. I prefer to buy locally if possible.

The new Melaque bypass starts just south of Aquacate and continues over to Highway 80 past the panteon and Pemex

I was out behind Jaluco a few months ago checking out the brick makers but the one group I talked to said no tiles. Lately I've heard others in the area make tiles so thought I would try the new highway rather than use the bad road out of Jaluco. Very smooth and the exit is close to where they make the bricks.

The brick/tile story is actually another post but here are a few shots along the new road. Nice shoulders and almost no traffic if you want to bike in the area. The first is of the El Almolon exit where the make they bricks.

El Almolon exit

Near a road that heads towards Pinal Villa (bad road)

Not yet completed Interchange with highway 80

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Melaque west end beach

A late quite afternoon on the west end of the beach in Melaque. Last weekend there was only one boat anchored out ... and today there are 6. Also a first with the tables way out on the beach away from the restaurants. These people must have brought their own.

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