Friday, March 21, 2008

Celebration of San Patricio - Saint Patrick's

The Saint Patrick's day celebration here is always on the the 17th but Easter moves around. This year they run together making more or less a 3 week holiday in Melaque. Below are a few fotos of the fireworks and the carnival that I took the kids to on the 15th. Really a fancier display this year than ever before with the 'sky-rockets' and 10 toritos. We left before the toritos (guys running thru the crowd covered with fireworks going off) because we were cold and the little kids were afraid of them. Keeping your distance is really a smart idea

Just one of the many ways to spend a lot of money

What a relief to have the kids calm down and sit for a half hour

Part of the castillo fireworks on the plaza

Some real fireworks this year - above a 'corona' and the moon

Some Castillo fireworks from last year

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