Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ayuda a los Niños in the news again

Ayuda a los Niños Costalegre

Ayuda los Ninos has had management problems since I can remember but because they help kids they have been pretty much untouchable and successful at hiding their problems. At least they started out mostly helping the disabled kids in Cihuatlan (CAM). With their success at fund raising they've had more money to spend on other projects and that seems to be where the trouble starts.

Bad judgement on projects, not fully consulting with communities they choose to help ... and expecting more out of these communities than they should.

The latest project is/was a school in Pinal Villa that is nearly completed but now we find it can't be used because it's in the wetlands and the waste water can't be handled legally and safely.

Right now there's an ongoing conversation on TomZap Melaque Message Board where the following pictures were posted. This reminds me of a few years ago when I was asking questions on TomZap because everyone you talked to about Ayuda los Ninos had a different story. Who wants to get involved or contribute when they won't talk to you. I was attacked by our local lunatic "Dryhouse" for trying to sabotage a good cause when all I had were questions. It sounds like the infighting this time is for real.

Last year the fund raiser was held in a public space to avoid the possible conflict of interest and money caused by holding it in a "gringo restaurant". So here we have the 'indigenous' people, probably from Villa Pinal protesting in front of Ava's restaurant where the fund raiser was held this year. With lawyers envolved I'm sure we'll hear more but if you are into helping the locals I would point my dollars towards the local Rotary Club that seems to be doing quite well with management and their projects. I just hope CAM does not suffer from this

Gringo do-gooders in trouble again

Monday, February 08, 2010

Melaque Skim 2010

One of the most fun spectator events in the area and something I always tried not to miss. Presented by X3Mex, Victoria and RedBull. Always somewhere in Villa Obregon but the last few have been held near Laguna del Tule motel of the south end of the beach.

Here's from Feburary 2009
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