Monday, February 08, 2010

Melaque Skim 2010

One of the most fun spectator events in the area and something I always tried not to miss. Presented by X3Mex, Victoria and RedBull. Always somewhere in Villa Obregon but the last few have been held near Laguna del Tule motel of the south end of the beach.

Here's from Feburary 2009


Ricky said...

Hi men.
I'm from Baja California. I went to Barra de Navidad on business like 3 years ago. I want to go back. I'm a surfer and a skimboarder. I'd like to go with my wife and kid. Would you recomend me a place to stay?? a type of bungalow, or palapa. I don't need to be uber nice. Just comfortable, we will be on the beach all day anyway. And maybe some places where can we go restaurants and stuff. We are in for everything hehe .. have a good one .. thanks

el jubilado said...

I suggest you ask on the TomZap message boards in the Barra/Melaque section. Many more ideas than you'll find here.

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