Monday, April 27, 2009

Tsunami warning system to be ready by May 31

Tsunami warning system to be ready by May 31
Written by GR Staff
Saturday, 25 April 2009
Guadalajara Reporter

JALISCO - Governor Emilio Gonzalez this week checked out progress on the the first tsunami alert and detection system in Latin America, which is due to be phased in along the Jalisco coastline in time for the tropical cyclone season.

The project is centered in Cihuatlan and aims to alert coastal populations of any threat of a tsunami.

Gonzalez observed the workings of the network and its 27 detection units that will be installed along 290 kilometers of coastline, taking in Puerto Vallarta, Tomatlan and Cabo Corrientes. Each unit is located in a place where a rapid warning can be given to the local population, and especially fishermen.

After detecting an alert, the machines will emit the following recorded message: “This is a message from the State Civil Protection System. A seismic shock has been recorded that may cause a tsunami. We ask you to locate evacuation routes and remain alert to further messages.” The announcements will also be transmitted via radio stations and cell phones.

“The major reason for deaths caused by tsunamis is the lack of knowledge and capacity to respond,” commented German Pinto Aceves, Director of Evaluation and Monitoring for the State Civil Protection Department.

Pinto Aceves indicated that once an alert is sent out, the population and his officers will have a minimum of six minutes and a maximum of 14 minutes to respond.

The 27 warning systems will be installed on May 31, in time for the cyclone season.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Semana Santa 2009

Semana Santa 'Easter' runs from about the fifth thru the eighteenth, or fifteen days. Semana Santa is the second busiest holiday after Christmas and usually all the winter vacationing gringos are gone. They leave because the weather is getting warmer and to avoid the massive crowds of Mexicans on this very busy holiday.

I've seen the beach busier during this time but still a lot of people .... and it's only Friday.

From the west end

From centro

Typical street end near centro

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