Friday, September 30, 2011

Alvaro Obregon construction

Alvaro Obregon construction is going to be a long project. They plan on a divided street with sidewalks, cement pavers and a planted island in the middle. Alvaro Obregon is the obvious divider between Villa Obregon and Melaque/San Patricio ... tho not the legal one. It runs from the beach to the highway and is the widest street in town.

For the last two months they have been battling rain and mud along with redoing the sewers and sewer access so progress has been slow. Traffic between the two communities has been reduced to one crossing point unless you go out to the highway.

Because Alvaro Obregon is not used much, traffic switches to other routes causing the streets to fall apart faster. Improvements here are always an uphill battle but hopefully we'll soon see less rain and a little cooler weather. That would be a good thing

A normal Alvaro Obregon in the rainy season

Construction from a distance

Emiliano Zapata is a side street
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