Sunday, November 21, 2010

Día de la Revolución en Pinal Villa

With the vacation day last Monday to make a three day weekend I forgot Saturday, the 20th, was the Día de la Revolución when they have parades. Downtown Melaque streets were being rerouted for a few hours in the morning because they have a large parade with floats, Queens of something, dignitaries in convertibles and every school class in the area.

Pinal Villa has 2 classes basically but both are Primary divided by age. No cars or floats ... just kids in school uniform. Normally I would run around looking for better views but this was just about it.

It was my maestro's (brick layer) birthday yesterday and we closed the work day with a bar-b-que (carne asada) and a few buckets of beer. Then more people showed up, bought more meat, re-lit the bar-b-que and more beer and ended up at a neighbors house who had better music. Ah the life in Mexico!

Sirenitas Saturday afternoons

Saturday afternoons from 3 to 6 there is open mike at Sirenita's beach restaurant on the west end of Melaque. The core of the group is the Red Neck Mothers but lots of other local talent have been showing up.

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