Sunday, November 21, 2010

Día de la Revolución en Pinal Villa

With the vacation day last Monday to make a three day weekend I forgot Saturday, the 20th, was the Día de la Revolución when they have parades. Downtown Melaque streets were being rerouted for a few hours in the morning because they have a large parade with floats, Queens of something, dignitaries in convertibles and every school class in the area.

Pinal Villa has 2 classes basically but both are Primary divided by age. No cars or floats ... just kids in school uniform. Normally I would run around looking for better views but this was just about it.

It was my maestro's (brick layer) birthday yesterday and we closed the work day with a bar-b-que (carne asada) and a few buckets of beer. Then more people showed up, bought more meat, re-lit the bar-b-que and more beer and ended up at a neighbors house who had better music. Ah the life in Mexico!


Steve Cotton said...

I missed everything. I flew in on Saturday afternoon and missed the Melaque doings. And because of my dead truck battery, I could not get over to Barra. Ah, well. There is always another year.

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