Sunday, February 26, 2006

Skim Board Surfing Contest Melaque - November 2005

Announcement from the CaboSkim Web Site and together are organizating the first Mexican skim contest. The competition will be in Melaque Jalisco, a place located on the pacific side of Mexico about 4 hours away from Puerto Vallarta. This is a Mexican spot with a lot of shore break potential. The exact date of the contest hasn't been confirmed yet, because we are still working on the organization of the event and looking for sponsors, but the contest will be in October 2005

Skim Board Contest Poster

Poster from CaboSkim

Here's the two Web Sites - both with Vidoes of the event and pictures

CaboSkim Web Site

New photo from June 2006

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tianguis Day Melaque

The Tianguis on the Costalegre is a traveling market. It starts every Tuesday in Cihuatlan, Wednesday in Melaque, Thursday in Barra and Friday in La Manzanilla. Today is Wednesday and the Tianguis has moved to my end of town due to the sewer and water construction going on on the other side of town. Great assortment of stuff although the sellers that have plastics and kitchen wares all seem to buy from the same distributor. Still it's fun and you just might find that thing that you really didn't need.

Lots of people - and lots of Gringos durning the winter

They all have the same plastic ware

Herbs and Teas

Colorful stuff

The wiggly heads

Clothes, beauty creams and miracles


Villa Obregon Candelaria Fiesta

Feb 2nd - CANDELARIA DAY (Candlemas Day)

All of Mexico celebrates with dances, processions, and for those that can afford , a bullfight. So for some reason the bull ring of Villa Obregon has "Candelaria" and nobody knows why unless each community takes on the responsibility to celebrate a different holiday. Celebration is supposed to be through Monday. Yesterday was the first day and nothing started until the evening ... and as far as I know it was music and dancing. Only 30,000 watts of power rather than the normal 70k ... and the bands were very good. We can hear them well from the house. So today around noon they brought in a truck full of bulls and here they are.
I missed this Fiesta mainly because it started so late and it's hard to take pictures under artificial light. I did much better by going to the La Manzanilla Rodeo the same weekend.

Poster for the big night - Monday

Entrance to the Bull Ring - Clean and ready to go

The stage is set for the band

In comes the load of Bulls

Bulls in the Pen

Melaque via Manzanillo Airport

The Manzanillo airport was fogged in if you can believe that from the picture below of Melaque from the air. We had to make 3 passes to get it right and the third try we went as far north as La Manzanilla before starting the approach.

Taxies are the only option to get to Melaque which is typical for most airports in Mexico. The cost is arond $30us for a sedan and around $50 for a suburban - and takes less than 1/2 hour.

The Manzanillo airport (ZLO) is further from Manzanillo than from Melaque

Melaque from the Plane

Front of the Airport

All the folks lining up to leave on the next flight

The car rental booths
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