Sunday, February 26, 2006

Skim Board Surfing Contest Melaque - November 2005

Announcement from the CaboSkim Web Site and together are organizating the first Mexican skim contest. The competition will be in Melaque Jalisco, a place located on the pacific side of Mexico about 4 hours away from Puerto Vallarta. This is a Mexican spot with a lot of shore break potential. The exact date of the contest hasn't been confirmed yet, because we are still working on the organization of the event and looking for sponsors, but the contest will be in October 2005

Skim Board Contest Poster

Poster from CaboSkim

Here's the two Web Sites - both with Vidoes of the event and pictures

CaboSkim Web Site

New photo from June 2006


Anonymous said...

estoy buscando a u n chavo que se llama Ulices Cruz Rojo, yo me llamo tania el me conocio en las vacaciones pasadas, el vive en melaque jalisco

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