Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gringo Farmer

I guess this guy has been doing this for a few years now but my neighbors just told me that a gringo is the farmer in charge of this sizable section of land, Looking at it on Google earth, beside Pinal Villa, it's L shaped and considerably larger than the foto. The subject came up because the watermelon planted came up so fast as we pass by every day. We assume this guy used to farm watermelon in the southern US and decided to do it here. Most likely the land is leased. A pretty good sized crew of migrant workers are out there every day. Just shows that you don't have to open a seasonal restaurant here if working in Mexico is what you want to do. This mystery gringo lives in Melaque so we may meet up some day for more of the story.

Watermelon "patch" in Pinal Villa


Steve Cotton said...

I love mysteries.est ntsytw

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