Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bistro Escondido

I've long been interested in this place, their menus and their subdued advertising style.   Ultimately the food will be the final word but what get's you in the door is important.   Until I finally saw a map I could not find this place.   Let me tell you it is nothing special to see at 1 in the afternoon.  Nice enough house/building but with almost no garden and a big dirt parking lot in front.    It comes alive in the evening with the lights on.  

Four friends were here this last week and Thursday they couldn't find it so we went elsewhere.    This is an odd location so grab the map.   I haven't yet made it but am dying to try the tempura mushrooms with blue cheese dip.  Some day !!

Restaurant above

Bistro Escondido - Map

aperitivos | starters 
bruschetta con pesto y queso de cabra | pesto bruschetta with goats cheese$30
champiñones tempura con aderezo de queso azul $40
tempura mushrooms with blue cheese dip
aros de cebolla y calabazas empanizados | onion rings and zucchini sticks $45
azteca soup$50
entradas | entrees
pescado empanizado, papas fritas, ensalada y aderezo tartar $90
fish & chips with mixed green salad and tartar sauce$90
chuletas de cerdo en una crema de champiñones con manzana, ensalada y puré de papa $90
pork chops with a mushroom, apple gravy, salad and mashed potatoes
pollo en salsa de cilantro y limón con pure de papa y ensalada $90
cilantro lime chicken with mash potatoes and salad
hamburgesa de quezo azul - cebolla y champiñones fritos con lechuga y jitomate $60
blue burger : blue cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms with lettuce and tomato
Bistro Escondido
#2 Las Palmitas, Melaque West
315 107-6392 o (315) 35-5-6579
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