Monday, February 11, 2013

Not a another Narco Blog

This is not a another Narco Blog but there is definitely something going on in the Municipio of Cihuatlan.   A week ago an ex-Cihuatlan Police was shot and killed, 4-5 days ago a taxi driver was wounded, a Manzanillo paper reports mid-day shoot out between gangs last Saturday .... and last night 2 Cihuatlan motorcycle Police were shot, one died and the other is in hospital.

What brought this closer to home for me was one of my neighbors was found dead in Aguacate along with his girl friend.   His death had all the marking of the lessons Narcos give to people who encroach on their territory.   He had no regular means of support and about a month ago he came home with a $5000 pickup truck.   Everybody wondered but that was his business ... and the business that ended his life.

These things come and go.  The Cihuatlan government is calling for Federal help and spending money on more vehicles and weapons.   In the mean time it a very sad thing to watch.


Steve Cotton said...

Sad indeed. It is too bad our little community is paying for northern vices -- and policies.

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