Thursday, February 07, 2013

Notario suggests "federal forces" to Cihuatlán

Thursday, February 7th of Public 2013

Notario suggests "federal forces" to Cihuatlán

The Notary Public Narciso P. Enriquez Lomeli has recognized the municipal authorities are overwhelmed by crime, and should request the "federal forces" to ensure security and social peace in the town of Cihuatlán.

He said that authorities of Cihuatlán should recognize that crime has increased, and take the experience of other cities and areas of the country to bring the action of "federal forces" as the Army, the Navy or the Federal Police where the criminal acts have significantly decreased and public spaces have been recovered.

The past president Jesús Huerta Aguilar and some councilors gathered at a meeting May 5th, the Notary Public then reflected: "What do we hope to reach? The problem of insecurity in Cihuatlán is serious ... we need a short term solution. "

Enriquez Lomeli offered free support to form a civil partnership engaged support with donations and other actions to improve public safety.


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