Friday, February 08, 2013

I was scammed at the bank

Posted by Paul on February 8, 2013, 10:05 am (La Manzanilla board)

Just for your information, be careful on who is around you when you go to the bank. I was yesterday outside Melaque Banamex, my checkbook wallet was at the backseat of the jeep, doors closed but unlocked, I was at the drivers side and a good looking woman around her 40's dropped some coins by my side, I helped her to get them, she also did 't, making conversation and distracting me while other person was opening the doors and getting my money. They took 20,000 pesos I withdrew to pay workers and materials. They took it all.

Be careful.

White skinned woman, big boobs , black long hair, maybe size 9, she had a "pocha" accent, so she might speak good english.

"Pocho" is how we call mexicans who were born or have been living for many years in the US.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but it sounds like you made yourself an easy target. You came out of the bank with a wad and placed it on your back seat while in view of others? That much cash should be under clothing or in a tightly held pack or purse etc. before leaving the confines of the bank IMO.

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