Wednesday, February 05, 2014

La Manzanilla Rodeo and Gringo Day

I haven't been to the Rodeo since 2006 but despite my neglect it was still one of the most interesting and fun events I've attended in the area.   Gringo Day and the Rodeo are Friday but here is a 3 day rundown from the La Manzanilla message board.  Most of the activity is over early enough to drive back to Melaque before dark.

Festivities will begin the evening of February 5th. Everyone will gather on the main streets & the around the jardin at approx. 8:00 pm. A large lantern on a pole called a Farola will be paraded up & down the streets, followed by a Banda. People will begin following the Farola, moving to the beat of the music, dancing up one street, down another. Free punch (ponche) will be handed out. The street dancing goes on until 9:00/10:00. This evening announces that The Ejido will be hosting a luncheon the next day at the Casino at 2:00 pm. 

On the evening of February 6th, the same happens in the evening, this time announcing the luncheon next day at the Casino will be hosted by The Gringos (Expats, Extranjeros, etc.). 

February 7th, Gringo Day at the Casino 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Gringo volunteers will serve our home-made Birria to our Mexican friends & neighbors & guests. During the luncheon there will be dancing & a presentation or 2. After the luncheon everyone follows the Banda up to the Rodeo grounds (either by foot or by car), about 7 - 9 blocks away. Your contribution/ticket into the Casino also admits you into the Rodeo grounds (Feb 7th only). Where you will watch bull riding, dancing horses, lassoing, topped off with dancing to the Banda until sunset. The Rodeo grounds people will have refreshments & snacks for sale. 

It is a fun filled day .... come join the fun!! 

Only bull riding

The riders

Afternoon dance
La Manzanilla Rodeo 2006


Christine said...

I really like that photograph "the riders" it has a renaissance quality in the light and colors. Do you have a copy without the heads chopped off of the men on the top rails? Will you e-mail a copy to me? I am not a professional ad person. I would just like to make a large copy and put it on my wall. Christine

sparks_mex said...

All the pictures I have left from 2006 are on the web page with the link on the bottom. Welcome to any and resolution is somewhat better on the web site

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