Thursday, February 13, 2014

Marisco El Pango

We took a drive up the Marabasco beyond Cihuatlan last weekend to checkout the river, the diversion dam and the large El Naranjo II dam at the head of the valley. Lots of people at the 'ol swimming hole - diversion dam, beautiful valley beyond, still quite a bit of water in the river and El Naranjo is disappointing. I mean the work they have done is huge but it looks like there is still 80 to 90% left to go. More on that later or on my main Blog.

I'd heard that the Botanero El Pango is a fun place to end the day with some beers and free food. I have to say it's in a great location, enough breeze to be comfortable, the wait staff only moderately welcoming and the food way down the chart of acceptable. The ceviche was pretty good but the tacos dorados were deep fried tortillas with nothing inside. I saw sopitos coming on another table but not worth waiting for. I got the impression this is a place that gets "very drunk out" after dark and a decent menu was the last thing on their minds. Sorry to those who gave it a thumbs up .... but I can't.


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