Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If it's not cooked with ....

If it's not cooked with .... passion and desire, well we won't serve it. What we serve to our customers is the same food we eat. Not just something we know will sell. I've been eating my cooking all these years and have you noticed how I look? Oh what have I said!?!

The Smoked SPAM Salesman

I really have my stomach full of gringos that need to advertise their business 3+ times a week on TomZap if they are legal or not.    This is the second year of SPAM for Jimmy's Ribs.

This is the third SPAM year for La Oficina  that moved from Barra to Villa Obegoan..  

You all may think this is good tourist information .... but I consider it in the same class as Time-Share sales

Please tell me one other Mexico message board out of many -- where business owners post 3-5 times a week about their product or establishment.   There are no others because they would be thrown out on their asses as they should be.   Not only the Spammers have no respect for others but the TomZap moderators have allowed this to continue.  Sad to waste a resource on a few greedy people


Anonymous said...

So, how do you really feel about those who seek free advertising opportunities?

sparks_mex said...

Actually there are a bunch of places that advertise because it's been allowed on TomZap for so long. It's mainly those two businesses that have no class, no self control and the "me first" kind of people that you just don't want to know.

Moderator for a week is what I need ;)

Anonymous said...

Business that advertise incessantly like that are so unaware that they're doing themselves more harm than good, looking desperate for business. We have a few of the same kind here in Michoacan, too. They will never get the message.

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