Friday, December 29, 2006

Fishing out of Melaque

Fishing from a 14' Zodiac
A guy from the west end trailer park asked Ron and I to go out fishing in his Zodiac the other morning. We only got one strike but a smaller Zodiac came back with a 24lb Dorado. We motored up just past Tamarindo and around the small islands there. Beautiful scenery and weather for an over all great time. We saw 2 whales in Tamarindo Bay but they were too far away for fotos in a bouncing boat.
If you are a fisher person or not - I suggesting at least taking a boat ride along the coast. It's beautiful.

Leaving port early

Rocks offshore from Tamarindo

Another fisherman

Out the back of our boat

Rock and boat off Tamarindo

Rocks at west end of Bahia de Navidad

24lb Dorado (Mahi-mahi) caught from a 10' Zodiac


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