Thursday, January 12, 2006

Melaque Mexico Wild and Plant Life

There is lots of wildlife around the lagoon and we are constantly entertained by it

Tons of birds (hope to get a few fotos), Caiman (crocs), squirrels, fireflies (truly amazing), mosquitoes, ants and flies are coming into season

Green Iguana just peeking over

Roosting. There are more of the larger grey ones here

The tree above is a Poinciana - Tabachin or Framboyan in Spanish. It's in the Tamarind family

Lots of large birds - Egret, Herron

Bananas that go bad before they get ripe

Ducks in the bay

Baby cocodrillos - crocodiles

Backyard colorful land crab

This bridge of reeds, swamp grass, small palms and every other plant that could take hold used to be firmly planted about 500 yards off in the distance. We had our first hint of a tropical wind storm with some rain today (06-22-05) and now we have about an acre more property. Tomorrow morning with more wind and rain I don't know. We're considering throwing out grappling hooks.


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