Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tormento (Hurricane) Lane in Melaque

Melaque was basically flooded. The canal/river on the west end was covering the carretera and at it's banks down by the ocean. The plaza had over a foot of water and over by Herraduras over 2 feet. The military base is flooded, there are over 100 people in the Primary school until the water subsides. The secondary school was under water - of course no school.

The main problem here, besides lots of rain, is the canal for drainage is way to small as well as the bridge that crosses hyway 200. The bridge got clogged with debris from up stream and acted as a dam - spilling water into downtown Melaque and a few residential areas. I certainly hope this will be the next construction project in the area. Priorities FOLKS !!!!

Aguacate (town nearby) was evacuated and the carretera closed in Melaque, Arroyo Seco and just south of Cihuatlan near the bridge.

They opened up the lagoon to the ocean because it was getting full and during high tides waves were coming over the beach into the lagoon.

For a full set of pictures - Click here

Downtown near Herraduras and the canal

Intersection of Hyway 200 and 80 where it was closed

The Plaza

Ocean side of the opening to the lagoon

Lagoon and ocean at the same level


Laara said...

thanks so much for posting these picures here. I live in Vancouver BC (but my heart is in Melaque). I heard via a brief email that there had been a hurricane but other than that, there did not seem to be much information (that I could find) on the net. I have never communicated on a blog before so I am hoping this gets to you and not somewhere else. You have put together some great material here, I will be looking at some of your other posts. Once again, much thanks for taking the time to do this. Will be watching for any updates on the conditions in Melaque.

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