Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bienvenido a Melaque

I ran across this Blog from someone that visited Melaque in December. What caught my eye was that it reminded her of Vietnam and I had to check further to see what kind of negative experience would make her draw that similarity. As it turns out she had a good time and only the typical Mexico confusion in the streets and daily shopping reminded her of time spent in Vietnam. Here's her foto and part of the article. There's a link to the full page at the bottom.

Buenas dias from Mexico! I'm lounging on our deck, palm trees rustling overhead in the warm breeze, and waves slamming against the shore a few steps away. It's been a busy day: breakfast, sunning, lunch, sunning, snack, sunning - intersperced with reading and chatting. I'm exhausted just writing about it! Our house is right on the Bahia de Navidad, and I'm thrilled to be back at the beach again.

Melaque is a small town on the Pacific coast of central Mexico (the Costa Alegre), about 200 miles from Puerto Vallerta. Although touted as a tourist destination, it doesn't resemble the Anglo version of one. It reminds me of Vietnam, to be honest. Small shops selling a variety of day-to-day goods and beach toys - street vendors - cars cruising by, playing everything from Eminem to Cyndi Lauper, reminding us that girls just want to have fun.

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