Sunday, February 22, 2009

West end of the bay

Lots of sailboats in lately, a very slow weekend along the beach and a not often seen sailboarder out on the bay. Lots of pelicans which mean the sardinas are along the shore. I will be taking the lids to the beach in a few hours.

One of 10-12 sailboats anchored out on the west end

Sailboard in front of Melaque


Calypso said...

That particular sailboat (ketch rigged) looks like it is setup for serious sailing - including that forward hammock ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Wow, Scott. That last photograph is taken right in front of the house I will be staying in for at least the next 6 mionths.

el jubilado said...

Is that a hammock or a roller furling bag. That's a big hammock. There are about 5 big sailboats in the harbor now.

Calypso said...

Definitely a hammock sitting under a shade cover of some sort. As mentioned a very nice setup.

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