Friday, June 04, 2010

Homage to migrants in Melaque

The article below is from the Guadalajara Reporter and I guess they know this new complex is in Pinal Villa - with many of the migrants living there or Jaluco. I was out in Pinal working on my place last week and took a few fotos. Very nicely built, three large buildings with outdoor spaces and Gilliam's work adds a nice touch

Well-known muralist Ed Gilliam is creating a new work on a building in Villa Pinal, near Melaque. The 18-meter-long piece reflects the lives of indigenous migrant workers. The complex will eventually house an educational building, a health clinic and housing for 60 to 70 people. Details of Gilliam's mural

Gilliam has traveled and studied in Europe, Asia and Mexico. He has exhibited internationally and has permanent collections in major museums in the United States. Born in Denver, Colorado, he lived in Los Angeles for 20 years. He now lives in Melaque.

Guadalajara Reporter Article

The three Buildings



Steve Cotton said...

I should have stopped there when I was in PInal for the classroom dedicatiomn. Another place to see when I return.

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