Monday, September 20, 2010

False Alarm about Presa El Pedregal overflow

I've wanted to see the new dam up highway 80 called Presa El Pedregal (Stone Dam) but have not had the time or really known it's location.  With all the rain the unpaved roads have been bad and I didn't want to try.  I found this short article and fotos on an area website.

False Alarm Overflow Dam El Pedregal
Given the large amount of water that recent rains have left the coast of Jalisco, residents of San Patricio, Melaque were alarmed by the possibility that the Presa El Pedregal might overflow, thereby causing some panic.

In this situation , the Municipal Civil Protection Commander AC David Fregoso, told the media that the water levels of the Dam El Pedregal did not represent any danger to the population, since it's about 80 % capacity, which is about 1 million 300 thousand liters, Added to this, he said the dam is displacing water in a controlled and moderate manner.

La Presa El Pedregal, which recently opened in this rainstorm has gathered a considerable amount of water preventing areas in Melaque from flooding as they have previously .

Photos: David Fregoso


Steve Cotton said...

Good news. At least, my Escape will not be flaoting out to sea. Yet.

el jubilado said...

Another Escape

BTW .. just learned that pedregal means 'place of stones' ... or in this case 'stone dam'

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