Tuesday, February 08, 2011

X3M Skim Contest 2011

X3M SKIM CONTEST 2011 - Febrero 26 y 27

Meet/greet and registration is Friday night at Albatross Bar in Melaque.

Elimination rounds on Saturday with finals Sunday.

It's rumored that other riders are coming from as far as France this year and that the contest would be held near the Laguna del Tule.


Dan in NC said...

Great video! I had no idea of the skills these kids have! My memories of skim boards consist of round plywood disks that we scooted across the wet sand into the surf! These kids take it up 20 notches! Thanks for the video!
Dan in NC

el jubilado said...

Same for me ... in the late '60's a round plywood disk that you could skim across the beach with was the newest thing in San Diego CA. Back then no heading for the surf ... just the water next to the beach

Steve Cotton said...

I was hoping to be here this year for the event. Last year was a lot of fun. But I need to take care of tax matters with a short trip to Oregon over that weekend.

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