Thursday, March 01, 2012

Casa Grande Hotel Melaque

Every now and then I search for info on the Casa Grande Hotel in Melaque that was destroyed in the 1995 earthquake. Just change your key-word on Google and you come up with a whole new set of info or pictures.

Anyway, a few days ago I came across the first foto below on The caption says from the '60's but I've always heard it was built in the '70's. Then I remembered Blogger Steve sent me a foto dated 1970 and the hotel is considerably larger than the new picture.

I introduced the foto on TomZap and with many opinions (gotta love opinions), it was agreed it is the same building not long after it was constructed ... in the 1960's. We also found out that the hotel started out as Hotel Melaque, changed sometime in the '80's to the CoCo Club and ended it's life as the Casa Grande. I took the last foto today

1960's picture of the Hotel Melaque

1970 is still Hotel Melaque

Casa Grande bar bill

Current condition of the hotel


Steve Cotton said...

It would be nice if the grand dame could be resurrected. But I doubt either one of us will see it happen.

Sue Woods said...

A friend of mine is headed to Barra at the end of March. Because my family had traveled to Melaque in 2000, I decided to Google "Melaque" and see what was new. Imagine my surprise when I found the original receipt from the Casa Grande Hotel that I had picked up while wandering around the ruins back in 2000. I must have sent the image to tomzap at some point. LOL
I still have that original receipt #27961 in my photo album, along with some pictures I took back then.

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