Monday, July 09, 2012

Summer Vacation in Melaque

School was out last week and I wasn't sure how soon the tourists would be arriving but as you can see from the beach foto taken this Sunday, many didn't want to wait. Early arrival may be caused by the heat wave we've been having with temps up in the 90's and high humdity. Tourist buses in town and parking becoming a problem.

We spent the day to get away from the heat as well. Kids and I were in the ocean most of the time. That is when they weren't building sand castles of catching beach crabs. Stopped at our favorite sincronizada restaurant (the size of a pizza) and brought them home. After dinner we were treated to a great light show, big thunder but very little rain which we really need.   All fotos taken with my Iphone

A busy beach

Sand crab in a cup

Light show over Melaque


Steve Cotton said...

I hoped for more rain last night. But the light show was great.

sparks_mex said...

And more rain tonight but nothing

A friend suggested a video when we get so much lightning but I didn't think of it

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