Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yacht Elisa Mia sinks off the coast

No real news yet on where or when except that someone reported a yacht had hit a rock somewhere off Bahia de Navidad. Our local busybody found a picture of it submerged but didn't bother to mention where she found it. I found a picture of the Elisa Mia moored in a Puerta Vallarta marina a little over a year ago. A very good idea not to relax when anywhere near shore around here. Some very big rocks/mountains just below the surface.

Vallarta Marina

I assume it went all the way down

Update on the Elisa Mia -- Somehow they re-floated it and brought it into the harbor in Barra.  Any more than that I haven't heard


sparks_mex said...

A message board post

Rojelio was by today. said they tried to tow it into Barra but it sank to fast It is 75' yacht. would have closed off the entrance to our marinas. the yacht is full of foam for flotation and is not going to sink more. they plan to salvage. he hit the rock off La Ampoya at 16 knots, 20 mph.

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