Friday, April 11, 2014

Roosters asks for equal treatment

Restaurant owners of Rooster, located in the municipal delegation of San Patricio-Melaque are asking local authorities  for equal treatment from the department of Padrón and Licenses.

They note that on Wednesday April 9, at approximately noon, arrived at the restaurant four identified as employees of the Municipality of Cihuatlán department of Register and Licenses, requiring removal of tables and chairs with umbrella from the street along with the likeness of a "Catrina".

They stated that the municipal employees acted arrogant when criticized for the notorious "inequality" in dealing with different businesses that also use the street and sidewalk as part of  their business.

"We just want to work," Roosters owner said, lamenting the  harassment of the municipal authority.

 Piden trato igualitario a Padrón y Licencias


molly said...

That stinks! I love Carina, and have spent many happy hours sitting at one or the other of those tables, sipping coffee or cerveza. I hope it's back to the way it was by this winter.

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