Thursday, May 22, 2014

TomZap message board strikes again

Only on TomZap could a request for work for one of my neighbors dissolve into antisemitic comments which produced deleted posts and a battle of sorts with the moderator who is not really a moderator but the wife of the board owner who works full time and has no time to read the board.

The response I got from "Fast Eddie" (much slower than most) was how much to clean 2 lots.

My answer was we would have to see the lots for an estimate

"Fast Eddie's" answer ...... non existent.   So I sent him a PM so we could talk off the board.   Again no answer.  I finally told him to forget it and I won't subject a friend to his crazy ups and downs.   Also thanking him for selling us the new washing machine for 800 pesos.  Not a full cycle BTW.

That's when wizard "Fast Eddie" came back about me trying to JEW him down on the washer price. Hey Eddie .... this is the 21st Century and you can't say things like that without consequences. Of course someone jumped in with Christian me down and another come back I don't remember .... but that started the complaints coming in and posts being deleted and no reasons given.   All of a sudden the whole subject made no sense with all the holes in it.   I went back and changed my posts to nonsense one-liners since they served no purpose.

What it comes down to to me is there basically is no Moderator ::   From Nancy yesterday
And as to being in a hurry, yes. I am at work I work full time. I do not get to sit around all day and read the forum.  I rely on reports to point out problems. I got a LOT of reports yesterday.

She is just knee jerk reacting to reader complaints and deleting posts but not wanting to get involved or make a responsible comment on misbehavior.  It's really too bad.

A few months ago someone wanted info on something in Vallarta and the Blue Chair resort was offering what they wanted and I mentioned it as a GAY friendly resort.   Someone complained and our moderator called me Homophobic ..... now she says she didn't, only the posts were homophobic ???   You judge?

I'm getting complaints about your (homophobic?) posts. I'm deleting them. No more please.

I don't envy her job with a full-time real job and only modest interest in Mexico .... but it sure makes TomZap one of the screwiest boards I've ever run into

For some reason Nancy, the moderator, thinks this message board is only for visitor information. But it is definitely a community message board for those of us that live here. There is no other.

And lastly .... the peanut-gallery that just can't butt out with their snide remarks. These people just like to be  seen as clever with an answer for everything and doesn't matter if they have any inner knowledge of what is really going on.  I have so many on IGNORE for smart remarks I'm not sure there are many left.   Don't care and don't want to know most.

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