Sunday, August 03, 2014

Maria with the worst feet

Maria has a very bad condition on her feet and lower legs.  She has been to every doctor in town including Dr. Rosa whom she likes and has received free treatment from her. Dr. Rosa is in Canada for the summer. We found a specialist in Tecoman, Colima that treated her and gave her a list of medicine but it is not cheap and Seguro Popular only has/issues the most common medicines.

Maria's condition is open sores deep enough for tendons to show.  I have no idea if her problem has a name but I know it is painful and difficult to stand let alone walk.  Family dresses her bandages 3 times a day but can't afford the medicine. Maria does receive the old folks pension of $1000 pesos every two months but that is about the equivalent of $40 dollars a month. 

The list was estimated to last  month and the list says:
Daflon - $345.60
Tafirol - $150.00
Evocs  - $384.25
Rifocina Spray - $200.00
Total = $1080 pesos .... or about $82 dollars

Maria with her medicine list

86 year old Maria in her chair
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Steve Cotton said...

What do her medications cost each month?

sparks_mex said...

It looks like Total = $1080 pesos .... or about $82 dollars

I added the items and cost for each to the post

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