Friday, January 23, 2015

The Yogurt price test

LALA Yogurt Sin Azucar

Since nobody here or Cihuatlan carries the Alpura brand any longer I discovered LALA without sugar has a very similar taste. That little bit of sour that good yogurts have.  About a week ago I tried the two stores where I usually buy plus another ... and they were all totally out. Not only what I wanted but just about all large yogurts. That left me with only the dreaded Super Hawaii to try and sure enough they had it. I wasn't going to go searching for a few pesos so I paid the 28 pesos marked on the container.

That's higher than I've ever paid before and it's (different brand) usually 22-24 pesos. Today I went looking again and the LALA truck was in front of Parisani loading the coolers with everything. Their price for LALA Yogurt Sin Azucar was 25 pesos. That 3 pesos is over 20 cents and is way out of line. At least now I have a real price comparison rather than just saying Hawaii is a rip off which it is. They are all about taking advantage to people that don't know any better and especially Snow Bird Gringos.


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