Sunday, May 06, 2012

Jaluco Centro de Salud and the PRI

I took some neighbors and their 84 year old grandmother to the Jaluco Centro de Salud yesterday because grandma is not doing well. The doctor there said she needed to go to Emergency at the General Hospital in Manzanillo. After gathering things together and informing family off we went. Grandma spent the afternoon on an IV and it was later determined she needed better care so will spend a few days in Euchari Clinic. I sure wish her the best and the family is coming together to pay the bills.

While in Jaluco we were surrounding by the PRI supporters with their local candidate. Yes it's that time of year. They were passing out trinkets for the kids and singing a catchy tune. Somehow one of the women I was with got a 100 peso gas voucher from the candidate which we made use of on the way to Manzanillo.


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