Saturday, May 19, 2012

Melaque's water pressure reservoir

Someone on the local message board mentioned Melaque didn't have a water tower in a conversation about water supply and pressure. I'd heard a number of times there is a large cistern on top of the hill just off the highway - the one with the cave. Nobody seemed to know if it was still being used so I decided to walk up the other day.

The access road, with locked gate, is off the road to Pinal Villa. Easy to slip thru the barbed wire. The road makes about 3 switchbacks before you see the pipe heading for Melaque. You can hear water running in the pipe as well as one of the large water tanks. There could be some nice views from up there but I would suggest shoes, long pants and maybe a machete.

Pipe headed for Melaque

One of the two tanks

Water entering one of the tanks


Steve Cotton said...

You have given me an incentive to climb that hill. I have often wondered what was up there. Next week.

Tancho said...

I have always been fascinated by head end water facilities for some reason. One of the first things I did after purchasing the propery was to go and find the head end to our source.
Great fresh mountain water travels about 10km before arriving at our tap-off location. The water is so good we do not have to process it at all.
Thanks for the research!

sparks_mex said...

Well the well source for this cistern is between where I live and Melaque. Our area is said to be fed by a well further out that also irrigates crops and supplies parts of Jaluco.

Would be very nice to get 'virgin' water here but nobody drinks it

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