Monday, March 25, 2013

My Melaque Garden

Spring is here it seems as the Primavera (spring) trees are in bloom as well as my garden. The Aloe or Aloe Vera sprouted flowers in less than a week after living here for a little over a year. Not sure but think a neighbor gave me that one.

The Pineapple is getting bigger and that is from the top of one I bought at the local store. It's also about a year old. The bananas started a flower almost two months ago, the fruit came quickly after and now seems to have slowed. I did have to prop up this "tree" as it was starting to droop.

There are about 10 tomato plants that came up as volunteers in my compost pile and the first is almost 4 feet tall with lots of fruit (still green). Most of the others are being attacked by little white flies probably laying eggs. Two plants are almost dead and all have curly and brown leaves. I finally gave them a soap/water spray and the flies seem to have gone away. We'll see. I had no problems with my cherry tomatoes that produced tons for almost two months.

Figured out my Mint or Yerba Buena preferred the shade over direct sun and is doing much better. My radishes only produced leaves. The chives and carrots never did anything. The Mexican corn looks good and the gringo corn didn't like it here. The ever bearing lime trees without spines are not ever bearing as I've had none for about two months ... but lots of flowers and babies on them now. Thinking about fertilizer for the limes. Always something new in the garden.

Aloe plant



Sick tomatoes


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