Friday, January 17, 2014

A change is upon us .... well maybe

Someone else mentioned Kano's murder in a "just in passing" kind of way that I didn't understand and no answer why was forthcoming. There are enough murders, extortion's and kidnapping around here that you could keep a Blog pretty active with the news that you hear/read about. If you were connected to the Mexican community you would have even more fodder for a Blog or News Website.   The question remains why one post of this kind and not more?

My post was not only meant to mention the death of Cesar Banda Chávez, alias “Kano” who was known by many as “jefe de plaza” or boss of the plaza but was also well respected around the greater community. A member of Kano's family is the lead singer for the group Banda Macho and at one time they made a corrido called "Quatro (4) Letras" which equals KANO in this case. Kano's death was only part the reason for a recent mobilization of the military and to some extent the Federal police.

In the last week police were attacked in El Chavarin located only a few kilometers into Colima from Cihuatlan, a respected man was murdered in Aguacate for unknown reasons, 2 OXXO stores were robbed - in Melaque and the gas station in Aguacate .... and extortion calls were reported to the local municipio.

Maybe this is just another change in the weather and mostly random but I think very little in the world of humans is random.  I worry that the problems in Michoacan can bleed over to our area especially when both the Federal Government and the local vigilantes are trying to rid the State of the Caballeros Templarios who have already raised hell around here a year ago.   Meaningful news and open to real possibilities will make it more secure for all of us that live here.


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