Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cut throat advertising in Melaque

I used to think La Oficina was a pretty cool place even tho I never went there much because it was in Barra and I live on the Melaque side. Reasonable food, good musicians and a relaxed atmosphere.  I think they did well in Barra because they were right in the middle of the forever wandering street crowds that fill the central 5-6 block area.

When they moved to Melaque they entered a very expanded neighborhood where a business could easily be missed if not advertised with directions on how to get there.   Now that the season has arrived and all the other restaurants and bars are open and advertising .... La Oficina thinks it has to post ads twice a day usually with deceptive headlines or headlines that mock any complaints of their constant SPAM.   The final straw today for me was this person called JULIANA P.C. (La Oficina) jumped in a thread from another restaurant (Bistro Escondido) and posted "imitation is the ultimate flattery, thanks"

Combine that rude - belligerent - behavior with Jimmy's Ribs (AKA - jimmydidit) who will say anything to attract attention as many time a day as he's able .... and TOMZAP becomes a real desert of meaningful information.   Especially for those of us that live here and are not just down for a few weeks.   Not only are these few loud mouth gringos stepping all over other gringo businesses ... but also the local Mexican ones.

I hate to paint the whole message board as useless so if you have the stomach here it is 


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